Weird Pico Stuff: Cass Addendum

DDNikki / Weird Pico Stuff / Cassandra DST

I apparently started developing it right on the first of May.
Due to my procrastination problems and the time crunch,
I could only finish one of them two days before Pico Day.
I easily got distracted, which included me playing Pizza Tower
for the first time, making three MIDIs, yadda yadda.

I eventually got it finished on the fourth.
On that day, something happened that'd make me incredibly insensitive.
I can't get that off my record, it was kinda my fault, since time made
me releasing a mod like this when a shooting literally just occurred,
I think I'm unforgivable.

Also, unfortunately, I'm only known for a Cassandra mod,
to a person that I only know for a Cassandra mod. Unfortunately.
(Please tell me if I should remove that, I just needed to get that out of my head too.)