DDNikki / An Attempted Autobiography

Last update: June 2 2024

I'm Nikki. Probably.
Too long, didn't read, I do way too much for my own good, I know way too much for my own good.
(The tamest one, I know like ten people named Cassandra.)

Nikki was the result of a game I made once,
that's basically just a self-insert personality-wise,
based on some mythical fakemon I saw in a nightmare, named it Yumerri afterwards.
(Dream was basically about some mad scientist trying to capture me
in what felt like a warzone. I don't know what was going through my head,
both when I had the dream and made the character.)

I was like, obsessed with everything cute.
Always chose the cutest starter (and never evolved them),
preferred Kirby over any other, etc, etc.
Also, Flash games, because I never had any consoles.
(Even broke a GBA SP as a baby once, apparently.)

Creator stuff, I do things out of either passion or boredom. (Mostly boredom.)
Either that, or for no reason in particular, maybe even impulsively.

About art... I'm like fifteen.
Despite that whole thing I just said,
I feel like most of the things I make would be T at the least or M at the worst.
Probably will be clearer after a certain project, but it's usually E.
In terms of drawing, the only thing I specialize in is copying artstyles,
because even my "main" artstyle was heavily influenced by Kirby.
I probably commit artstyle theft on a regular basis, if you see it that way.

Other than that, I sew plushies, I try to make games,
needle-felting, stuff with pianos, low quality cosplays,
making characters, and used to roleplay on Roblox before I quit,
but I... basically just stalked roleplayers, because I'm too shy to join them,
and yet I want to see how chaotic it might get.

Some darker stuff, and a few admissions just so people don't have to dig that far,
I don't really talk to people that much because they might yell at me if I say a single word,
and as a former moderator, I don't even do much because
people might go harass and dox me if I punish them in any way.
...Even then, I basically used to treat kids as lab rats for reactions,
like, I thought of situations involving popular characters,
and tried it in an Among Us roleplay game I had admin permissions for,
stuff like killing them, mostly perilous stuff, etc.
Also, I have incredibly messed up views on popularity.
(The best I can describe it is with There She Is: Paradise.)