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Dream Diary
The Stuff of Your Nightmares

Started work in June 22, 2021 | Released September 20, 2022
A Roblox game that is exactly what it says on the tin.
Based entirely on dreams I had, aside from a few AI Dungeon creations.
It's moreso a hangout than anything else, really.
The closest I can describe it when I'm there is like...
those mascot costumes in theme parks.
Like, the guests don't even question that they're in-character all the time.
There used to be a wiki, but it got deleted for whatever reason.
Probably for the best.
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It was supposed to be calming,
but the absurd dreams ruined it.

Lost Library

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♻ Development ♻
The dreams are from a person who was multi-fandom almost their entire life.
(It never said anything about apples.)
Questionable things happen in them, like any other person's dreams.
Some of them are censored to appease that dang moderation.
I even submitted one of the dreams to one-time-i-dreamt and
it actually got posted. (Sorry for mentioning that.)
An Unhealthy Amount of References
Seriously, even on the website it's not safe.
In every nook and cranny, there's a reference.
Most are just little background items, or tooltips.
...even then, there's two characters that seem like they're everywhere.