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All made with Pet Workshop.
Petz itself here.
Non-overwriting... the ID numbers are also easter eggs, ish.
Possibly half-baked because I didn't bother with the kit/pup LNZ files.
Sorted by date of creation.

Kind of instructions:
Go into your Petz folder, into Resource,
then move whatever the file extension says to it (.dog into Dogz, .cat into Catz)
Kinda useless to whoever's most likely to see this, but eh.

"An invasive species of freshwater clam."
  • Made because obviously.
  • First thing I workshopped.
  • Stolen chinchilla code for Ms. Pipis' bow.
  • Is, ironically, a dog. (Was "Dog Petterz" ever a thing?)
  • Definitely existed before I made it...

"This is what happens when you make a mistake!"
  • Oh God no.

Copyrighted Rabbit
"Did you know he had a gun in official material once?"
  • The first idea I had.
  • Made Pipis first because it was easier.
  • They all look like crap to other hexies, but still...
  • Is named correctly ingame (I'm irrationally cautious).
  • The tip for him is actually true. (Several times, in fact.)