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These were thoughts I had on them. Some of it on car trips. Basically, "Nikki writes like they're rambling on pot".

They're really weird. Even their very concept...
Bizzare alien biology, maybe they're based on Godzilla, whatever else.
They're literally described by the wiki as "plain assholes".
Weirdly, I once described them as a cross between a black cat, a Furby, and an eggplant.

They can transform into humans, with morphic resonance judging from Cass.
Do they just sort of have that ability in general? Is it just her?
Maybe they can do that because of... however many people they abducted.
I don't even want to think about that part. Literally.
That is the one thing I'm still terrified by about them.

Judging from the games they've appeared in (minus the school game),
they don't even seem to have a home planet, they're just in a UFO the entire time.
Really, the only other place is a freaking planet with Smurfs on it.
Everywhere else is inhospitable to them. I guess that explains it.
...If a person from Florida is a Floridian, then their names imply they're from a place named Penile.

The only notable ones are Cassandra and Damien (if you consider the fangames).
In MapleStory, both characters with those names have been responsible for weird school incidents.
(This is irrelevant. Don't ask why I know that. That genuinely happens in FriendStory.)

Pico's Cousin 2 says they're out for Pico specifically.
Pico's School implies (and UFA outright states) they're out for the WORLD.
Maybe not even just Earth, maybe every other planet around.
They won't stop at anything to take over.
Somehow, maybe because of how ridiculous it sounds,
taking over the world sounds more okay than shooting up a school,
or attempting to murder someone's cousin by association.
Then there's sending ghetto-robots to kill everyone around them...