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For some reason, I started making them after I almost
got malware trying to download a Shimeji of Charles. Huh.
(PSA: Don't use Mediafire.)

Kind of instructions (for the older Shimeji):
Download the main program (requires Java), then open the img folder.
Unzip whatever you just downloaded from here, and drag the folder into img.
Open Shimeji-ee.jar, right-click the little monitor thing on your taskbar,
click Choose Shimeji, and that's basically it.
For older versions, click Settings then Choose Shimeji.
Click the checkboxes for whatever one you wanna use.
(Either this or watch the video. It does the setup part better than I do.)

Hover over for explanations
  • May have flashing lights
    • Marx, both of them (probably)
    • Spamton (both)
  • WAHT Shimeji:
    • On-fire animations
    • Cassandra's gun animation
  • Six of the characters are from
    two series involving mass murder

We're All in Hell Together!
Minimum required Shimeji version: 1.0.21
Kirby Marx (WAHT) / Kirby
Nene / Pico Pico (WAHT) / Pico's School Darnell / Pico Cassandra (WAHT) / Pico's School

The First Few
Charles Calvin / Henry Stickmin The Noise / Pizza Tower Snick / Pizza Tower Jevil / deltarune

Spinel / Steven Universe Sayu / No Straight Roads Timekeeper Cookie / Cookie Run Queen of Hatred / Lobotomy Corporation

Branch Cookie Fluffin Party Demon Nikki

Boyfriend / Friday Night Funkin' Girlfriend / Friday Night Funkin' Monster / Friday Night Funkin' Senpai / Friday Night Funkin' Spirit / Friday Night Funkin'
Skidd/Skid / Spooky Month Pumpy/Pump / Spooky Month Pico / Pico's School Cassandra / Pico's School Alien Hominid
Grunt / Madness Combat Tricky (Probably) / Madness Combat Suction Cup Man

Program / Databrawl Edgygram / Databrawl Vibri / Vib-Ribbon Marx / Kirby Niko / OneShot
Carnie / Hamster Town Clownpiece / Touhou Project Oswald / Epic Mickey (for lack of a better credit) Spamton / deltarune Spamton NEO / deltarune

The Exact Shimeji that Set My House Ablaze
Cassandra / Pico's School Monster / Friday Night Funkin'

TL;DR: I put them in my freezer, then I heard thunder strike twice and suddenly my living room was on fire.