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july 4

even if i said like "i just have incredibly conflicting thoughts a lot"
it would still sound like a childish excuse so

rabbits are vermin in australia

july 3

at least i cant torment real game developers anymore
i never even belonged in the godot discord cuz like
serious mental problems and whatever else but
at least we both realized that i could never learn in several ways
i was gonna ask them to indefinitely mute me but this is better
i have nothing to say to redeem myself

june 30

i have probably caused serious damage bc of how much
alcohol i use and spray unto shit but eehhhhh whatever

june 22

i still havent learned godot and i keep almost breaking just by thinking about it
i cant even force myself to try because of that problem
even if i do ill probably butcher the execution of that goddamn project

i actually brought needy girl overdose and im already having dreams about it
for some reason the dream was about looking into ames ancient jine messages
after scrolling down a pchan convo w a gothic bg there was a go button that
started dark angel

june 10

i have a fear of godot for some reason
if i cant get myself to rid my fear of those pico aliens then who will

my tamagotchi died at eighteen

june 2

i just want someone to talk to
weirdly despite my flash game experiences i only really feel safe on newgrounds
i cant get myself to work on anything
every time i talk about game development i end up crying out of pressure

may 28

does neocities just... not let you style buttons
like im trying to test it in dream diarys gallery and it just renders as default
i still havent gotten any responses in ng

update: i figured out how to do it
but i havent figured out how to delete forum posts

may 26

alter ego for some reason makes me think of a newgrounds animation

cassandra is a cognitohazard

may 25

i feel like im constantly in a legal battle
talked about it and all of them uninanimously told me to get therapy
like not in an angry kinda way just trying to help
but obviously wouldnt be able to afford that

may 24

i have a voice in my head thats basically just
an unpleasable hater canceller would probably dox me kinda person
it got loud enough while watching a video that i made a page of my crimes
like im literally unable to say anything cuz of those kinda people

i got a tamagotchi