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"In many cases, their work is discovered only after their deaths."
- Outsider art, Wikipedia (formerly)

Most of them don't have watermarks. It doesn't matter,
everyone's gonna steal from me because I deserve that.

Almost the entire thing doesn't even use an original artstyle,
they're copied from others. I am shameless enough to admit that.

I realized I never mentioned this, but I mostly just use MS Paint and ibisPaint X.
(And Krita too, but I only really used it for that DST Cassandra mod.)


Some More Serious Stuff
I don't really know what to say here.

I'm pretty sure I lost the original.

Serious but Smaller
Exactly what it says on the tin.

Recreation of a dream (dream fifty-six in DD):

Weird Kotodama Diary version of Nikki (left)

The time I redrew every Sweet Sins fan character I made, which were based off the disc covers.
(Too large to display, so here's the link to it.)

Less... Serious... Stuff
What was I even doing with my life?

Some IRL Sewing and Felting Stuff
Not pictured: two cosplays. (I'm still a horrible person.)

Pico Stickers
What was birthed from a forum post became an entire merch line.
Genuinely. The name is misleading because it's not just stickers now.
(If I do end up selling them, I won't. It's for free.)

I have a board with every item on it.
Front side (descriptions), back side (contents).

Other Mimics
Yeah, my possible art crimes.

Quite unfortunately, I have evidence.
These images are what will prove me guilty.
I'm unsure whether or not to be sorry.

Something About Artstyle Theft
I told you, "especially TerminalMontage".
Even the Shimejis are an example of this.

Really bad and old, about 2019 birthday card.

Don't Starve
I'm trying to make a mod, but it's been several months since I put that to the side.
(Update: I did, but I ran out of motivation to make the rest of them.)

Crappy recreation of two dream chars
First thing I drew in this style

I don't like talking about this concept art...

South Park
I kinda consider my copy of Pico to be a part of this style too.

The Kenny photo was once framed on my wall, by the way. I don't know why.

후드로 눈을 제외한 얼굴 전체를 가린 것이 케니 맥코믹을 연상시킨다.
(Copypasted from this.)

Epic Yarn
Literally only started because I accidentally said "Oswald's Wooly World".
(The image below was the first thing I drew.)

No idea why this started with a threatening letter from Cassandra in Wild World...

Despite clearly being MapleStory, I only put this because
it "just ended up looking like how i draw animal crossing".
Also, quote, an "incerdibly crappy attempt".

Happy Tree Friends
I don't know, I was just bored.

Also, for some reason...
At some point I tried copying Cas Van de Pol?

And or not enough images to have its own category.

Cassandra in COTL, for some reason??

Two separate (and completely failed) attempts to mimic Paper Mario.
(I don't have a bigger image of the Cass one)

The time I attempted making molmol into a My Singing Monsters island.
(And based all the monsters off of alien characters I knew. Also, Kousandra is misspelled. コウサンドラ)