DDNikki / Random Stories / RDTIHTWDBIKGRAI

It's just random dreams I couldn't get out of my head,
but it's mostly the times I had nightmares about cosplayers.

Random Dreams (for real this time)

Self-Explanatory Hoodie Dream
It took place in the same hotel I was sleeping at at the time,
where I woke up in the middle of the night, wearing an orange parka.
Nothing else happened.

Other Vaguely South Park Dream
I was in a car, and the driver was a blonde man wearing a green hat and an orange parka.
He was taking me to this place specifically for playing Enter the Gungeon, for some reason.
He told me he was gonna drive somewhere else to get something, but as soon as he went out the door,
my sister texted me "kenneth got brutally shredded by a meat grinder today (sic)".
I was scared half to death, because I immediately knew who she was referring to.
Also, apparently I dropped my iPhone in the shower in this dream.

"Tom Nook's Lullaby"
There was an update to New Horizons that added a K.K. Slider song of that name.
I got it when I went into the cranny and talked to Tommy, the only one there.
Apparently it was meant for when Timmy died in a war. (Yes, I'm serious.)
I put it into a music player, and it sounded really similar to I Love You.

Basically Just Alivel Mall (not even about a cosplayer)
I hesitated on posting this because of the mention of Pepoyo, but...
eh, I already exposed myself for that anyway.
I just had this as an HTML file for like a few weeks.

I was in this dilapidated, weird combination of a mall, a theme park and a museum, with three people.
  • Cassandra (Pico's School, also she was apparently a clone of me personality-wise)
  • Turiel (one of the Suicide Fairies... to be clear I only like Haikei not the person)
  • "Puffball" (from my unreleased project), except "made of clouds and like six feet tall"
We got to a really short water-themed ride that basically had a marine exhibit afterwards,
but to get back to the main room it was a really long walk back.
There were tiles on the floor that crumbled into a pool of water if you stepped on them,
which I found out because I almost fell into one of them.
For some reason, the main room (basically looked like the center of a mall) was entered from
a little cabin in the middle of a swamp, pretty sure.
The only time I was ever talked to, Cassandra took me outside and just told me
"You need to change. Like really, you have problems", in a weirdly comforting tone???
I immediately disregarded her because of how out of character it sounded,
just questioning what she said while she was talking to someone else, I think Turiel.
Also, at some point (not sure when), I was apparently with someone who looked like Stan Marsh,
Pizzahead was talking to us, and I purposefully muffled my voice with a shirt (because Stan).

(I forgot to mention... Cass literally had the same voice as me too)

Cassandra in DST Before That Goddamn Mod Even Released
I'm just gonna describe the part I can't get over (so barring the double-decker bus and Can Your Pet parts):
I was on a field trip, in said worn-down bus. I was Cassandra.
The tour guy took us through this alleyway with hyperrealistic beetles everywhere,
and I couldn't handle it anymore, so I ran to the exit, which for some reason was a cage.
I transformed my hands and ripped through it, and I remember questioning myself
(I don't remember if it was like "how did I do that?" or "WHY DID I DO THAT?!").
It then suddenly cut to me inside the bus, which became teal all over, I'm pretty sure it was rusted before.
Two people were in front of me, a woman with long black hair and a teal dress, and... DD Cassandra.
(This was several months after the SCP dream)

In crappy fanfic fashion, I said "I AM CASSANDRA", transformed fully, and slashed both of their faces off.
AND THEY SOMEHOW SURVIVED. Then they took out rings that forced me into a dance battle
when they put their hands together, and even when I ripped them apart... I begrudgingly complied.
It was in third person, their faces were back, and I looked like a cat, but it was more like a filter.
When the dance battle ended, I was suddenly in an alley, in front of a cat, while it was raining.
I looked like the creature again, but apparently the sounds I made were censored to cat meows.
I gone inside the bus, and just cried in the corner, curled up in a ball.

I Added This Entry out of Pure Disdain
Basically, Cassandra was in my Animal Crossing town, and I couldn't get rid of her.
(No, not even Broffina. I just learned she existed. I hate that)
Tried hitting her with a net, asking Isabelle, etc, etc.
Out of ideas, I got my axe, and found her on my front yard, sitting at my bistro table.
Right before I could hit her, she went into a portal that appeared right above her.
I woke up immediately after.

The Sins: Four is Death
I went to a mall, and apparently there was a Samsung store that sold these cute sequin plushies.
I really liked this purple one, so I brought it, When I turned around, I saw a play cooking set.
It had a pink oven with a stove and a fridge (I think), but it came with these empty cake mix boxes
that had these red and black drawings of Cowplants on them, for some reason. So did the cookbook.
For some goddamn reason, drawings of Pico and Cassandra were on the first page.
The first page also had a disclaimer that was like
and I couldn't help but laugh to the point of waking up.
I didn't even finish reading that sentence, it was that over-the-top, apparently.

Cosplayer Nightmares
I feel like "Pikachu attacked my teacher" counts as well,
but that's more "Cassandra in a costume" than "someone in a Cassandra costume".

First Dream
I was at this weird place that was either an apartment complex or a hotel.
I was playing a song from a certain Cass FNF mod on the piano, and a few seconds after that,
the creator who was cosplaying as her walked out of a room, and I greeted them and stuff.
When I closed my eyes, I suddenly got teleported to my computer setup...
Both of my screens had the Pico Wiki page for those goddamn black cats on them.
I was panicking trying to get away from the screen, but I was glued to my gaming chair and I couldn't escape.
A few seconds after that whole thing, I finally woke up.

Second Dream
Like, there was this random cosplayer who was popular on
either TikTok or Instagram. Was a woman, twenty-ish.
She just appeared in my house. Dressed as Cassandra.
Looked something like my Cassandra cosplay, but like, better or something.
I was sitting in a different room, looking at her account out of utter confusion,
then she told me she was gonna get something.
A few minutes later, she returned wearing this weird combination of
a red sweater-dress and a white shirt on top, and told me "I killed a man".
Image to the right was basically what it looked like.
I returned to my bedroom and like... most of the drawers were open.
She just watched me from the door and
I just showed her that most of them were empty.
Neither of us didn't even say anything about it, IIRC.
I proceeded to sit there on the floor until I woke up.

Third Dream
On my birthday, quote,
"I had a dream and I remember nothing except I was getting in the Cassandra cosplay
and I was woken up by the scream of a black Furby that wasn't turned on in years".
It was a 2012 Furby specifically, surrounded by dead Furbies from the same year,
including my childhood one. (Orangutan.)

Fourth Dream
I was Mickey Mouse at this 70s-styled restaurant where everything looked like it had a monochrome filter.
BF FNF was sitting with this random woman holding a syringe, and I just decided to sit on her side.
It was like a horrible FNF mod. I was sitting on her shoulder and trying to sing Unknown Suffering.
I then became this weird Dinkle-like thing and stated I didn't really like this life, and someone offered
to reincarnate me for free, as many times as I wanted. There was a loading screen, and I was walking out
of a building and bottom text saying something about a "sad sheep", and I was back at the restaurant.
I asked them to do it again, after someone cracked up after seeing me.
I don't remember what I became afterwards. Looked like a dog or something.
I then became the mouse again, then suddenly a human during a really large highschool party.
There was a random girl there who said she was gonna cosplay, and after overhearing her plan
I went upstairs and there was this large group of people... who honestly looked more emo than goth.
She had this hidden room, with thousands of dollars on the walls. All of the dollars were fake.
I was carrying a wig, a weird device for fake nails, and some clothes. I was trying to put them on in the room.
One of the "goths" realized what I was doing because of what I had, and said (I didn't say anything beforehand)
"So you're telling me... you're becoming Cassandra?" I didn't reply, and I just went downstairs in the costume.
The girl was sitting on this couch with some guy. The girl was also her. And I went behind her and stole her wig.
She literally said something like "Who the hell snatched my weave?"
I then randomly teleported into a Thai restaurant, normal clothes, obviously.
I remember nothing else aside from ordering an ice cream.

Fifth Dream
This was in my "short dream descriptions" file. I have nothing else to say.
I had a dream where I thought of cutting myself, and attempted to do so in a Cassandra costume

Sixth Dream
I was, for some reason, trying to convince a bunch of people I was three separate people each day.
Like, I'd just put on a costume every day, and hope they wouldn't realize it was me.
It went like Spamton - Pumpy - Cassandra.
I had issues trying to close my windows because of how small the curtains and blinds
were, while everyone was having a party outside and could clearly see me.
Apparently, I then got kidnapped by a group in the desert, finding me tied to a cactus.
The "bunch of people" then had to find me again, with an orange talking raccoon
they also found tied to a cactus. They named them Cassandra Two. Seriously.
I somehow got free, and suddenly ended up in a supermarket, still Cassandra.
The employees were wearing the Omega Mart uniform,
with a white shirt instead of red. The blue apron still had the logo.
The supermart was not Omega Mart.
I also apparently had the power to phase through walls and fly across countries,
and I couldn't let them catch me, yet when an employee spotted me I walked right through a drinks refrigerator.
I grabbed a large bottle of sparkling water and a bag of fizzy blue Skittles
(I assumed they were ramune for some reason), paid for it, and did nothing else.
(Also, a very brief shot of someone in the middle of a jungle.)