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Mostly everything Pico related I made, because one apparently wasn't enough.
To count, it has to be directly based off of it.
(It's less about Pico himself, really...)

Applico's School

Pico's School, except they were replaced with fruits instead.
Pico was an apple, Cassandra was a banana (pictured to the right)
Was going to be a full Scratch remake/parody.
Cancelled due to the friendgroup, and unmotivation.

We're All in Hell Together!

Something I made for Pico Day 2024, for some reason.
Literally just the Pico trio (and Cassandra... and Kirby) as Shimeji,
with an extra feature... they can KILL EACH OTHER.

"The lesson you should have learned from Darnell
is that it is important not to mess with God's shit.
He's a vengeful muthafucka, and he always gets the last laugh."

Cassandra in Don't Starve

Something I made for Pico Day 2023, for some reason.
Here's the development, the art I submitted,
and the "upsettingly large concept sheet",
if you haven't seen them.

Neko Dance

Was meant as a secret page for a game
that I will probably never make.


Random thoughts about the Pico-Godzilla-alien-things
because I've gotten over it.