DDNikki: Cool Stuff

DDNikki / Cool Stuff

I was not sponsored, nor did I get permission. I just want to show you this stuff.


An archive of many, many Flash games and animations!!!
Also, other non-Flash stuff (that's also great).
I also have a few playlists.


Or well, I'm moreso promoting their YouTube channel.
I, in fact, have never brought any of their products.
Not out of spite, just because I can't afford them.
(Why did I decide to specify that?)

Basically an ad for rhythm games (I guess)

I play too much of them.
(Though I mostly stick to one of them...)
Usually if there's a line on maimai, I go for Chunithm.
Also, a friend wanted me to advertise Rhythm Heaven.
Have actually played it. (And Bits & Bops.)

Also, I have several accounts on them.
FFR is, quote, "eight years older" than me.

Orteil's Stuff

"Orteil is some European dude who likes to
make toys and games out of javascript."

No, I didn't play Cookie Clicker for long.
(But I did try the one involving another dream rabbit.)
Recommend checking out Murder Games in particular.
It gets pretty wild.


A bunch of programs and desktop friends, and an ARG!
Recommend the Electric Zine Maker especially.
You can make comics and the like, and a printable for them!!
I had to move this window because of Girb.
Warning, intense shaking and
flashing lights.

Ring-Tunez (Xploshi)

Been there since that... Gumball video.
I forgot Ring-Tunez was a Neocities site.

Some Physics Toys

The first one's OE Cake, which is more particle based.
There isn't one good material, but one of the good ones
is "users". Though one of its cons is that it lags very easily,
due to being several years old.
The second is Algodoo, which is more object based.
It was made as a learning tool, but everyone just
used it to make ragdolls and marble races.
That's just a fraction of what you can do with this.
A few years newer than OE.


The music I listen to... at least currently.
Either scan code, or click to go to page.

Website Resources (what made this website)

GifCities: Search for GIFs scraped from old GeoCities sites
cubeupload: What I use as an image host
Cool Text: Where burning text comes from. Free fonts too
Unicodes: Search for special symbols
WhoCanUse: Site accessibility
(this site mostly passes... minus the red style link colors)

Random Pico Stuff I Remember

A self-explanatory Newgrounds playlist.
For some reason, I sorted them by
how much they have to do with Cassandra.

(It's not bad, it's just bad in a DIFFERENT way.)

Those Guys + More

DST mods, only one of them is mine for the time being.
The others are better, because I didn't make them.
(I made Cassandra with the full weight of the consequences.
...I checked One Time I Dreamt. I was completely aware.
Also, here's the upsettingly large concepts sheet.)