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Warning, gross descriptions and gore. I think.

About the "traumatized three times" part...
  • The game I'm going to give you a description of here,
  • Cube Escape Theater, specifically the part with a fetus in the toilet,
  • Pico's School, which was kinda obvious considering the rest of this site.

This one part just stuck in my mind for so many years.
There was a man standing in an all-dirt field.
You had to dig out a corpse of an animal, I think it was a rabbit or a deer,
and you had to stick your hand in there and dig out a key.
It just had a black screen and squelching sounds the entire time,
and the only other thing onscreen was a text box at the top.

I vividly remember standing up from my chair and staring at the wall,
questioning what the hell just happened, and my choices leading up to this.

Literally all I remember aside from this was that Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy
was playing over the entire game, aside from the black screen part.

Image that I posted along with this text on the Flashpoint Discord