Random Stories: Phobias and Penistone

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I have a lot to say... this is basically attempted therapy.
Warning, a few swears and mentions of those parts.

The result of my fears had lead me to creating "Penny the Cat", pictured to the right.
Turning it into a cat was a futile attempt to face my fears and negate my reactions.
(Most of which involved jumping away from a computer screen, or screaming.)
At the time, I didn't realize that it made more sense than I thought.
Apparently, in folklore, black cats could turn into humans to act as spies.
Seriously, I learned this from Wikipedia... the free encyclopedia.
I don't know why I wanted to put that at the end.

I don't even know when this started, but I think it was like...
about the time Love Conquers All was released.
I'm not even sure WHAT in the game had that bad an effect on me.
Though I can't point fingers either.
Maybe it was UFA, due to that... probe thing. Eeeh.
Obviously can't tell you what happens there.
Besides, why else would I be afraid of what is literally just Godzilla with a dick?
Before you ask, I am fully aware that I am a pussy (pun intended), as my other fears include
heights in video games specifically, Google searches, large text on screens,
and my car exploding if someone's smoking near it.
(I am also fully aware of the OTHER innuendo that could possibly be.)

I've called them by many nicknames, as even mentioning them scares me.
It's too long to list here.
(Though an early version of this page DID have an attempt of me listing it.)
The most direct I can get is writing it in Japanese (ぺニリアン) ...at least until I read it a few times.

"There aren't many games where players have literal shit thrown at them
and the final boss waves his dick around until you blast it off with a
torrent of dick blood raining down all over the damn place, until you
somehow return to school with your mental health completely intact,
despite this unspeakably fucked up event." - JohnnyUtah, DYKG