Random Stories: An SCP I (Apparently) Wrote

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Based on a dream. (A really questionable dream, also involving an armored man pretending to be a cat.)
Written at about the time I had the dream, slightly rewritten for my website.
There were no containment procedures, or how it was discovered.
Placeholder number: 3455 (There is already a 3455, I checked)

A school located in [REDACTED] populated by "students" in the form of projections.
The main classroom is painted in a pastel rainbow, with ten white chairs and tables and a wooden teachers' desk.
Aside from the exits, every door in the hallway leads to the same classroom.
The "students" are projections that mimic characters from popular culture, and curiously, other anomalies.
Despite this, they do not exhibit any of their anomalies' abilities.
Every instance measures four feet and is rendered in a "chibi" artstyle.

3455-999 Orange slime in a humanoid shape, same consistency as respective anomaly
Round eyes and a "melty-looking" mouth
3455-682 Little difference aside from artstyle. Resembles cartoon dinosaurs
3455-085 Keeps sketchy outline, reminicent of animation sketches
3455-5094 Little difference aside from artstyle. Only instance without the role of student
3455-1 Faceless humanoid built entirely with solid blue cubes
3455-2 Girl resembling 085, with pale skin, teal hair and a white dress
3455-3 Woman with red hair resembling devil horns, dressed in a "gothic" style,
shoes adorned with golden crosses

Note: 085, 3455-2, and 3455-3 all respond to the same name
(I'm completely aware, I just have to write it like this to make it more subtle. They'll probably figure it out)