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DDNikki / Random Stories / The Only Dream that Made Me Cry

I met this kid wearing a red hoodie that had these ear-looking designs
that basically just looked like two cones were stuck unto the top.
He showed me stuff from his basement that had
a bunch of antiques and old toys.
All I remember of what they looked like was that
it included a bunch of Pokemon cards, weird Pokemon marbles,
a blue glass vase, and those pointy snake toys.

It then cut to outside the house, where he and his friends were doing something.
This was where an accident would occur, where what looked like molten metal
was heading from his backyard, straight to his house. They tried their best
to block it, which one of the attempts included putting a log in its path.
It was too late, as the house had already been reduced to a pile of debris.
Reminder; I literally just met him.

He told me that a few moments later, his life would be the same,
except he was the only one there.
He was apparently going to live alone in an apartment after the accident.
I watched as he got on the train and just waved goodbye.
It suddenly cut to me crying on a bed, and all I remember from the conversation was
"Life hit him hard, man. He's sad and lonely".

I woke up sobbing, and it increased by the fact it was literally just a dream.