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Styled like Needy Streamer Overload, because... obviously.
Also, I don't have an actual Twitter, I wouldn't touch that with a ten-foot pole.
....And I'm scared of Tumblr (for some reason).

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july 1 2024

i feel like a wreck but also i read a tamagotchi page
now the rdihtwd dream diary and chara list technically have tables of contents

june 6 2024

i hate to make myself look better but
i guess knowing of doesnt neccesarily mean in support of
like with the several cassandras text file
im gonna update it for sakes

also according to my calendar its "cassandra day"

june 3 2024

i really am a script kiddie
like i can only work under preexisting code
and when i try to write on my own i basically malfunction

may 20 2024

i am genuinely a story of kid uses their parents credit card
i dont know why i wannto newgrounds

may 16 2024

i kept being told "u were a child that time its forgivable"
"ur gonna forget it after a while" "as long as u changed its fine"
but it somehow just isnt getting to me no matter how much i hear it
like i admit i really am that stubborn

may 9 2024 ❷

yknow the longer i am in a community
the more likely im gonna like publically breakdown
like i outed myself completely in response to someone else getting exposed

may 9 2024

having some mental darkness today ig
- even with exposing myself am i only being forgiven for
having done them as (and currently being) a child
- im honestly pretty stubborn. cant seem to learn anything,
yet cant seem to forget anything
- mi ala. i just dont really feel like anything because of my actions
- for some reason im most sorry about the costume incident of all things
(to the point im replacing all the stuff for it)

may 6 2024

i caved in it was only 200 ish in this country
i am experiencing buyers remorse

may 5 2024

someone followed me and checking their site made me realize
that apparently my buttons are one pixel too high
(i feel its probably for the better i dont be remembered)


may 2 2024


april 28 2024 ❷

website keep breaking need new filehost
Ⓧ supporter overpriced bc country (wish it was more like ng where you can gift it)
Ⓧ discord (keeps showing that "this content not available" thing)
Ⓧ newgrounds (they let u put zips but thats probably a bad idea
remember what happened w/ friday game overloading servers)

...probs gonna make an exception for newgrounds for a specific project cuz
its gonna be a pico day submission (because we're all in hell together)

april 28 2024

so i found an iso of microsoft frontpage
also i apparently have Windows-two-thousand VM with office on it
(and therefore publisher so i can probably make some terrifying pages)

april 18 2024

when i was fourteen i unintentionally predicted two shootings
and they both were because of cassandra (i guess in the mythological sense but
also this involves pico (the worst other sense)
once because of some fakemon thing and the other was on pico day
i dont know why i cant get over this

april 14 2024

mi ala niki. mi sona ala
i still feel like i cant forgive myself
i actually have therapy/psychiatry but its been a month since i talked to them