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july 24

i just feel sick
im sorry

july 22

i actually finished the new wig this time
i still dont want to come back fully until the whole unity thing
i think ive just become more antisocial

july 18

i think im hypocritical only if it involves me
cuz i probably wouldnt say "being a child isnt an excuse" to anyone else
like it means like im a kid now and ive committed some crimes
and i wouldnt be let off scot free just bc of how young i am
it could be valid in some situations i just feel its a bit harsh for me
(or now at least cuz of a horrible story im writing)

i just cant seem to describe it really
like the best i can get is intrusive thoughts
or maybe i really am a system or whatever
i still havent really figured out my situation/s
all i know its probably enough to warrant a therapist

july 17

new felt just arrived
i didnt make the new wig yet but im planning to basically burn the old one
cuz obviously gotta have to put that incident behind me
still trying to take a break from socials until my unity classes
will fully update after a while

july 16

i made a new wig out of guilt