DDNikki: Random Stories

DDNikki / Random Stories

Basically the equivalent to NG Lit.
(Also has a concerning amount of NG in most of them...)

(Possibly) Lost Flash Game

A description of the first ever Flash game
that traumatized me.

(I was traumatized three times, all by point-and-clicks.)

Never Knew Grounds

How I never really found out about Newgrounds until
recently, and a list of ways I could've encountered it.
(And never clicked it, obviously.
I've been playing on DA all my life...
it never said anything about NG.)


Random dreams that I have to write down
because I keep getting reminded about it.

Mostly nightmares about cosplayers. And Cassandra.
(Then there's the dream where a Pikachu attacked
my teacher and Cassandra was cosplaying in it...)

An SCP I Apparently Wrote Once

Yeah... just a more detailed version of a dream I had once.

TL;DR: It was about a site of the Foundation
located in Roblox, an anomalous school building, also
it involved Cassandra. Not just the hand-drawn one.
(Why does this keep happening to me?!)

Dancing Cacti and Other Toys

The specifications and functions of a dancing cactus, kinda.
Also, a Furby Boom that I customized.

The Only Dream that Made Me Cry

Self explanatory.


I don't know how to explain.
Random thoughts about Pico. Bad thoughts.

Cosplay Struggles

I was gonna call it "cosplayer nightmares",
but there's already a page on cosplayer nightmares,
and this page mentions said cosplayer nightmares.
Cosplayer Nightmares Part Two: Live Action Insanity.
(I will never forget my thirteenth birthday. In a bad way.)

Dealing with Trauma the Wrong Way

A writeup about one of my absolutely stupid fears.
I still haven't faced it, over a year later. Help.

(I have faced it, ish. Historical. That quote stays, however.)