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Despite my childhood mostly consisting of playing Flash games from random sites,
I somehow never went to Newgrounds in that timeframe.
My personality was basically "obsessed with everything cute".
Newgrounds was NOT that, nor is it like that now.
(There are exceptions, of course. Maybe the "bad" stuff was on the front page or something.)

Somehow, I kinda recognized Pico from that 1-5 star rating system.
From me (also kinda) recognizing the 2010s era website theme,
I was apparently there before, for a very short time.
I think I like... really quickly backed off.
(I've played a few darker Flash games, but that kinda caused me childhood trauma.)

I still had an experience with it, since I really liked watching old animations on YouTube.
Most NG animations were reposted there, which was how I saw them secondhand.
Also lead to my favorite animation being Perfect Kirby: A Midnight Snack.
Still never went there BECAUSE of the animations, obvs didn't know where they came from.

I don't know why, but I had this "ability" to avoid inappropriate stuff on websites.
(Violence, gore, firearms, the... deeds, et cetera...)
My friends told me there was a lot of that stuff on Pixiv, yet I still went there.
Nor did I get traumatized by DeviantArt, somehow?!
Most of my childhood revolved around that site, such as MLP and Kirby fangames,
but I can't get into any more detail because this would take too long.
Maybe the reason I wasn't into Newgrounds was because THAT WAS BASICALLY THE POINT.
(Or at least it was earlier, it's gotten way more diverse nowadays.)

Also, just want to admit this:
Literally the only reason I know the name Cassandra...
was because I watched Sims YouTubers. Just a very specific video.
(Involving her dying trying to get pizza in the middle of a ladderless pool.
Look, I don't want to name it directly, it's really weird.
To add to this, I only know Tom's name because of SSBB Theme Decoded.
"We won't rest withoooouttt... a little Tom Fulp"

Flash websites I DID know
  • The usual cartoon sites (CN, Nick, Disney, their Jr. counterparts...)
  • Nitrome (My favorite was Mega Mash, for some reason)
  • Flipline (Was more into the platformers than the restaurants, honestly)
  • Y8 (Basically was most of my life)
  • Armor Games (Really liked Haunt the House and the blue elephant games)
  • Ninja Kiwi (I don't know why I liked Meeblings so much)
  • MAD (Apparently they developed Duck Life Treasure Hunt?)
  • Not Doppler (Most only know it because of Shaun the Sheep)
  • Bigdino (...I don't have much to say, really)
  • FastGames (Apparently??? I'm pretty sure that's how I first played Yummy Drops)
  • DeviantArt (Seriously, how was I not traumatized there?!)

...before the incident

Random Flash portals

To add to that, Flash portals THEMSELVES
  • Y8 (they have a Newgrounds category... but it's just Heart Star)


  • BattleBlock Theater (for some reason I just really wanted that game)
  • Spooky Month (the alternate endings, or maybe just Sr Pelo in general)