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I'm sorry.

This probably goes under other projects instead of random stories, but I'm too tired to change it.
Made in the Smile style because I don't know what to do with this page.

Cassandra (Made "one Christmas ago")
Yes, the cosplayer nightmares were warranted.
But like... the costume didn't exist until that one Christmas before my birthday,
so I guess the first and second dreams were a warning, or something.
I have only ever used it when I had to stream on a Discord server.
(Which was thrice... and I'm not even in that server anymore.)
It's kinda like Ame's situation, except she's goth on both forms.
(Isn't that just the Dark Angel ending???)

"The internet was the forbidden fruit that sank
humanity to its deepest depths of depravity."

"Komaru" (Made somewhere in February)
The name was like... an actual nickname for that mini form.
The costume idea came from my indecisiveness and the sentence
"who else has blonde hair and an orange hoodie".
I am a bloody liar... but only for my own safety, because they'll kill me
if I know what South Park is. (Come on, it's not M rated, at least sometimes!!!)
More likely in the "my parents are gonna kill me" kinda sense, but my paranoia
tells me in the literal sense. (I'm completely aware I'm incredibly delusional.)

But if you're fifteen years old, it's all good!"

An attempt to make this actually "random stories", assorted
At about the time the SU movie released, I had several ideas for costumes. Apparently, the plan was to sneak into my school
in an "interdimensional pizza box" and convince them I was actually the character. They were Spinel, Jevil, CC, and the Noise.
(And I didn't know that dressing myself in camo for the second-last was gonna be a crime.)
Probably kid logic... I would've been caught really easily by like a teacher or something.
(And yet, I still thought of disguising myself as a plague doctor and revealing my true costume after saying something like
"protecting myself from the plague that is humanity"??? You can probably guess who, and it would've been even worse)

Ever since the incident on my birthday (I won't get into that) I had to make a new wig this month,
because I was incredibly concerned. Cuz, yeah... I don't know what was with me that day.
(Also, I used like several bottles of alcohol on the old wig and it never felt like enough...
this still sounds unforgivable, like a coverup, maybe I should stop talking about this.
...Just trying to put my past behind me. The internet won't, unfortunately.)