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Some of my characters that I'm willing to share, which is honestly kinda rare.
Some of them aren't even mine, they just kept appearing recently.
Also, this was what the page looked like during my sleep deprived yesterday.
Only now did I decide to fix this up. I have problems that I can't deal with, if you're curious.
Hover your cursor over the images or underlined text, by the way.

Already on the website

(just a few comments)

Fluffin - Original, 2019-ish

Was made as a basic enemy for a cancelled bootleg "Pepper Mayo" RPG.
There were several types, like...
One with a spike on its head, a flying one,
a crying one, one that was basically a flamethrowing bush, etc.

Branch Cookie - Cookie Run, 2020-ish

Apparently related to GingerBrave???
I don't have any other info except for his helicopter obsession,
that he once had a costume based on Special Force Cookie,
and that he's also apparently Gardener Cookie's son.
(That detail only existed in Dream Diary.
I don't know what I was thinking when I made him.)

The Party Demon - Pico (kinda), 2021

All she was, was "a kid who thinks every day is her birthday,
was gifted a confetti gun, and thinks people fear party poppers
because she doesn't know what guns are".
...She was basically a sugarcoated version of Cassandra, honestly.
She never had a name, "the party demon" was an in-universe nickname.

"Pennylian" - Pico (kinda), 2021

I mean... technically not a me thing?
It literally only exists as a censor for an admittedly dumb ass fear.
This is the worst interpretation of it,
even to others, people are gonna kill me.
(Seriously... exposure is not working, Cassandra won't leave me alo)

Nikki - Original, 2021

Literally just a clone of me personality-wise, hence them being my persona.
I was twelve when I made them... resulting in them being the same age
as me, for some reason. Grows with me because they're literally me.
Their name is just a play on "yume nikki" (dream diary).
Other stuff: they are literally a Yumerri (literally a mythical),
they're basically powerless without their staff because
it has lucid dream powers in it.

If anything is to say about me, it is the worst person ever, they are
a very strange person, it is a very unstable thing.

"Charlie" - South Park, 2022, still no name

Literally the only info I have...
He only exists because of "a "superhero" wearing Slinkies for armor",
and half because of a new kid for the second South Park game.

"Does he bounce off the stairs when trying to climb up"

Recently made

Lillie - 2022

Based off a really old flower toy I made when I was seven-ish.
I don't have it anymore, pretty sure it was left to wilt in a school.
Trying to name her only made me remember this quote:
"Now let's all agree to never be creative again."
For some reason, one of my friends' suggestions was "Elon Musk".
(What the hell?)

  • Didn't ever come up with a concrete personality
  • Only ever had the ideas "not as innocent as it seems" and being some traveler
  • Weird antenna sprout thing, basically like an angler

Michelle - 2023

The manifestation of my unhealthy maimai obsession.
When I first made her, her only nickname was "Bootleg Alexis".
Their idea came from "a soul that lives in a dead mall arcade".
Her current nickname came from a comment my friend made.

  • Incredibly lonely (seriously wrote that in the notes)
  • Lives in an abandoned arcade because she went to them a lot
  • Apparently always has a bag of tokens (even though the machines don't even work)
  • Can possess broken machines, can be seen using them
  • By extension, can tase people (by accident, doesn't do it on purpose... sometimes)
  • Appearance may shift to whatever machine she's using at the time
  • Wears a torn jacket, it just looks like a dress when closed
  • Has hands in the form of floating gloves

Cake makers - 2023

As their name suggests, mostly all they do is bake cakes.
I got the idea to make them from trying to set my device background,
like... Android devices give you colorschemes to go with your background.
While making them, I kinda felt like I was unintentionally stealing designs.
(Come on, I only do artstyle theft, I wouldn't stoop that low...)

(Nerdy Nummies)
Red Velvet
  • Incredibly shy, or something
  • Cried trying to serve a cake to someone once
  • Hat was in fact eaten by someone, who is unknown
  • I forgot to draw the line on the hat in that image
Ube Roll
  • Basically just an emo, and incredibly irritable
  • Essentially the "main" one
  • ...I don't have anything else to say
Galaxy Marble
  • Unbearably positive and fun loving
  • Can somehow levitate
  • Has a weird living alien hat
  • ...Basically just Jevil

Not even mine


OMGKawaiiAngel - Needy Streamer Overload

I'm going through the same situation.
...Except I'm a game developer and the "internet angel" is Cassandra.
(I'd say Cassandra's closer to an "internet devil"...)

Cassandra - Pico

She won't leave me alone.
Why won't she leave me alone?!

(she'd definitely shoot any one of us)